Everyone has different tastes and that’s fine by us – as long as it’s Chef! But what does the way you pour your sauce say about you? Read down below and you’ll soon see who you are!

The Crafter

You don’t just ‘dollop’ on your sauce – you create a swirling, whirling piece of gorgeousness. Expertly rotating the bottle as the sauce pours out to create a little hill that you will dip, dip and dip again to your heart’s content.

You’re about doing things right and adding a touch of class to all you do.

The Crafter knows patience will be rewarded.

The Happy-Go Lucky

A splodge of sauce is all you need. For ‘The Happy-Go Lucky’ there is never a concern about having too much sauce. It’s poured to create something that only you can finish off – you will not rest until all the sauce on your plate is gone!

You’re confident, outgoing and live for now.

The Happy-Go Lucky has no worries.

The Artist

You’ve turned pouring sauce into an art form, demonstrating skills that few can emulate. The plate of food is there but you are going to decorate it, controlling the pour in such a fashion as to have precisely enough sauce for your plate. The drizzle is your preferred technique making your meal look even more delicious.

You’re creative, smart and know what you want.

The Artist gets it right every time.

The Destroyer

You make your own rules. You put so much sauce on that the dish is no longer recognisable. The ‘Destroy’ is a sauce pour suited to just one person – you. Your meal is simply an excuse to enjoy the sauce – red, brown or even salad cream. While others look on shocked, you simply smile and keep pouring.

You’re your own person.

The Destroyer believes you can never have too much of a good thing.

The Weirdo

It’s a harsh but fair name. We don’t understand you. You “don’t like sauce.” Your plate remains clean and dry.

You don’t know what you’re missing.

The Weirdo is to be approached with caution.