Cheese, bread and a dash of brown sauce – simple isn’t it?

But there is much to consider before you create the ‘Ultimate Cheese Toastie.’

The Cheese

We would recommend strong cheeses for the flavour to really hit home – ideally a red cheese or a mature cheddar. You’re looking for a combination of flavour, colour and creaminess. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can even combine cheeses – but that’s up to you.

The Bread

The sliced pan is hard to beat but if you’re feeling adventurous you can go a different direction. Sourdough bread is a great choice when toasted, it has a brilliant texture that gives you a slightly sour taste – it’s an amazing combination with cheese.

Just keep the slices thin!

The Butter

Butter – ‘bit obvious’ you’re thinking – but we’re talking about butter on the outside. Spreading it on the outside of your sandwich will get you a gorgeous golden crust.

The Crucial Bit – Chef Brown Sauce

The crowning glory will be Chef Brown Sauce. It adds that extra bit of tang with its secret recipe!

The Toasting

Instead of grilling we suggest you put the sandwich (buttered on both sides) on a pan with medium-hot heat.

Press it down with a spatula so the bread and cheese combine to that gooey gorgeousness.

3-4 minutes should be all it needs but judge it on the bread and when it’s done, you’ll know it’s done…

The Ultimate Cheese Toastie is that rare thing, a snack that can be a meal in itself – to be enjoyed at lunch time, tea time and every other time in between.