Our mouth-watering range of Chef sauces, pickles and salad cream has all the flavour you need to elevate every meal to a higher state of tastiness, taking your tastebuds to a place of zingy zen.

Whether it’s Chef Ketchup on your ultimate burger or the legendary Chef Brown Sauce on just about anything, the Chef range has all the flavour you need to make every bite a moment of tangy bliss!

Chef Curry Sauce

Chef Curry Sauce Tub Low Fat
Chef Curry Sauce Tub
Chef Curry Sauce Bottle

Chef Ketchup

Chef Tomato Ketchup
Chef Tomato Ketchup Bottle
Chef Tomato Ketchup 50% Less Sugar
Chef Stevia Tomato Ketchup

Chef Brown Sauce

Chef Brown Sauce
Chef Brown Sauce Bottle
Chef Brown Sauce 30% Less Sugar

Chef BBQ Sauce

Chef BBQ Sauce

Chef Salad Cream

Chef Salad Cream Bottle
Salad Cream

Chef Vinegar

Chef Vinegar Chip Shop Style
Chef Vinegar Distilled Malt
Chef Vinegar Malt

Chef Beetroot & Pickles

Chef Baby Beets
Chef Beetroot Sliced
Chef Beetroot Shredded
Chef Onions
Chef Mixed Pickles